The Hardworking Mother

Here is a short story about a hardworking mother. You’ll find idiom definitions, example sentences, conversations, and a short quiz after reading the story.

Once upon a time, there was a mother who was very supportive of her husband and worked as a part-time sales lady.  She received a clean bill of health, no matter how busy she was. She also gave her best in all projects to meet the sales target of her company she was working with. Her goal was to provide her family with a good life. Though some people have no roof over their heads, she was thankful for their place.

She was an excellent example for her children because she was very diligent and driven to succeed. She never tried to be as blind as a bat. With this, she was ready to face any challenges. She started working as an assistant in a small law firm and had a baptism of fire, but this did not cause her to stop working hard. She had a full of beans and went to work with a smile. 

A clean bill of health

  • when someone or something is examined and identified as legal or healthy or in good condition
Example Sentences

I went to a doctor last Monday, and I was given a clean bill of health.

I have received a clean bill of health as my company has met all the requirements to operate.

A: You look so happy today.

B: I have received a clean bill of health, and that makes me happy.

A roof over your head

  • it is a place where you reside
Example Sentences

I have met children in the street without a roof over their heads.

My friend has experienced a whole week to have no roof over his head.

A: I still consider myself lucky, no matter how small my apartment is.

B: You’re right as there are many people outside that have no roof over their heads.

As blind as a bat

  • someone is entirely or nearly blind and is never willing to recognize problems or challenges
Example Sentences

My sister is as blind as a bat when she’s not wearing her eyeglasses.

Bella is as blind as a bat when she is with her irresponsible boyfriend.

A: I find out what is our manager’s weakness this morning.

B: Me, too. He is as blind as a bat when he got multiple projects.

Baptism of fire

  • a first experience which is very challenging
Example Sentences

My first day of class as a Math teacher was a real baptism of fire.

Jamie’s first few months as a wife is a real baptism of fire for her.

A: What are you most afraid of now these days?

B: As much as possible, I don’t like any baptism of fire.

Be full of beans

  • someone energetic and healthy
Example Sentences

I always wanted to be full of beans every time I go to work.

My mother has full of beans every day.

A: Why are you very excited?

B: I have to be full of beans because today is my birthday!


  1. Everyone expects ______________ before receiving a diagnostic result.
  2. No one likes to have the street __________________________. 
  3. Sometimes we can be _____________ when we encounter multiple failures.
  4. Leslie’s first day of work is ______________ because she encounters unprofessional colleagues.
  5. You need to be _____________ when you invite someone to be your prom date.

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