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Student Services

In addition to providing excellent education, we are committed to rendering quality student services so that our students can focus on their studies.

New Student Orientation

An orientation for new students is held every term at 10:30 a.m., the day before the term start date (excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and school holidays) as stated in the School Calendar. At the orientation, you will have time to meet POLY staff, take the placement test, register for classes, and purchase textbooks. In addition, your advisor will go over general information such as obtaining a student ID for identification and discount purposes, opening a bank account, means of using public transportation, safety tips that can be helpful while living in the U.S, and more.

For Poly Live, our online program, students will be contacted for the new student orientation between 5 and 10 days before the students’ scheduled start date. Please register in advance so that you can receive a proper orientations in a timely manner.

Medical Insurance

All F-1 students and their dependents are required to purchase medical insurance prior to the start of their studies at POLY.  The students may choose their own insurance plan or the International Student Protection (ISP) plan by the insurance company, J. Deutsch Associates, Inc.  The plan is for international students and scholars in the US.  For more information about ISP and their insurance programs, please visit International Student Protection (ISP) or call their toll free number at 1-877-738-5787.

Student Housing

We provide a homestay arrangement service.  If you want your housing arranged in a timely manner, you should request the service at least 20 days prior to your desired move-in date. The housing arranged is only for the duration of your studies at the school, and you must move out within 30 days of your last day of attendance at the school.

There is a non-refundable fee of $200 for the arrangement service. The fee is due at the time of requesting for the service, along with the security deposit and the rent for initial period booked.

There is a $200 security deposit. The security deposit is held by the school and paid to the parties agreed by the student and the landlord. If there is a dispute between the student and the landlord, the deposit will be held by the school until it is settled between them. The refund can be requested only as stated on the lease agreement.

Homestay arrangements generally include two meals per day (breakfast and dinner), a private room with a bed, a desk, and more depending on the host family.  Homestays are selected so that they are located within 40 minutes by public transportation from the school you are attending.  We advise that you visit and interview host families, if not possible at least hold a video conferencing, before you move into the house.

The monthly rental rate and the payment policy may vary slightly depending on a host family.  The monthly rental rates below are only estimates. The prepaid rent is not refundable. Please review the Homestay Agreement for Student and the Homestay Agreement for Host Family.

  • With meals (Breakfast & dinner): $1,500/month
  • Without meals : $1,200/month

Student Events

Poly Languages holds student events at least once every two months. The events are for students to explore the nearby area, socialize, and make friends.  We announce about the events at least 10 days in advance. The events are often subsidized; however, not fully paid by the school. Therefore, fees may apply.

College or University Placement

The school has several agreements with colleges, universities and career schools.  Upon completion of the Intensive English (ESL) program, students are accepted to colleges and career schools in place of the TOEFL score or other standardized English proficiency tests.  The following are some of the colleges POLY Languages Institute has an agreement with:

Transcripts and Certificates

The transcript with our seal is POLY’s official transcript.  Upon request from a student, we provide the transcript detailing the student’s progress, which includes the student’s attendance percentage, midterm grade, final exam grade, and the final grade for the courses taken. 

POLY provides two types of certificates to those who are in the POLY ESL program.

  • Certificate of Achievement – This certificate is awarded to those who have successfully completed (C or better) for the courses: RW 601, RW 602, LS 601 and LS 602.  This certificate serves as our testament that the student has demonstrated proficiency in all four skills of the English language: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.
  • Certificate of Completion – This certificate is given to those who have successfully completed (C or better) at least one course from a listening/speaking series and a reading/writing series.  The certificate will indicate the highest levels successfully completed from the listening/speaking series and the reading/writing series.

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