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All eBooks and MEL (Learning Management System by Pearson) can be purchased instantly. Please make sure to purchase correct versions. Some textbooks sell eBooks and MEL separately. We require that you purchase both the eBook and the MEL for your classes. The prices listed below are for the versions with the eBook and the MEL whenever applicable.

Click applicable links to review the textbooks to purchase. When checking out, enter the discount code SAVE25. There’s a 25% discount for POLY students.

TypePoly LevelTextbook TitleEditionPrice
AE2North Star L/S 15e$42.99
AE3North Star L/S 25e$42.99
AE4North Star L/S 35e$42.99
AE5North Star L/S 45e$42.99
AE6North Star L/S 54e$50.99
AE2North Star R/W 15e$42.99
AE3North Star R/W 25e$42.99
AE4North Star R/W 35e$42.99
AE5North Star R/W 45e$42.99
AE6North Star R/W 54e$50.99
BE5Market Leader Upper Int.3e$45.00
BE6Market Leader Advanced3e$45.00
GE1Top Notch Fundamentals3e$36.90
GE2Top Notch 13e$36.90
GE3Top Notch 23e$36.90
GE4Top Notch 33e$36.90
GE5Summit 13e$36.90
GE6Summit 23e$36.90
TP4IELTS B11e$45.00
TP5IELTS B21e$45.00
TP7TOEFL iBT Test3e$70.00

Refund Policy by Pearson

“After an online purchase you can obtain a refund by contacting [email protected]. You have up to 30 days to request a refund. If one or more of the access code has been used, your refund request will be denied.”

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