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English Language Programs

Welcome to Poly Languages Institute, where our diverse range of English language programs is designed to cater to a variety of needs and goals. Explore our offerings and find the program that aligns with your aspirations.

Academic English

Embark on your academic journey with confidence. Our Academic English program is crafted for those aspiring to excel in higher education or to enhance their academic language skills. Discover Academic Excellence.

TOEFL Preparation

Conquer the TOEFL with our targeted preparation course. Tailored to help you master the exam, our TOEFL program combines expert instruction with strategic practice. Start Your TOEFL Journey.

Online Courses

Join our dynamic online learning community. Our online courses in General English and Business English offer the opportunity to learn from anywhere. Interactive and real-time, they feature experienced teachers and a diverse group of students. Explore Online Learning.

Note for F-1 Students: While F-1 students can enroll in online courses, these do not count towards the SEVP-mandated minimum of 18 hours of instruction per week. F-1 students must meet this requirement through on-site courses at Poly Languages Institute.

Private Lessons

Experience learning tailored to your unique needs. Our Private Lessons provide personalized attention and lesson plans that align with your individual learning style and goals. Personalize Your Learning Experience.

School Calendar

Stay informed about our academic schedule. Our School Calendar keeps you up-to-date with key dates and upcoming events. View Our School Calendar.

Tuition and Fees

Invest in your future with clarity. We provide detailed information about the costs associated with our programs, helping you make informed decisions about your education. Learn More About Tuition and Fees.

Technology Requirements for All Courses

To ensure the best learning experience, all students are required to have a portable laptop or notebook computer. This device is essential for accessing our digital learning platform, interactive exercises, and e-textbooks, both in the classroom and at home. Additionally, reliable internet access is available on our school premises to facilitate seamless learning and access to online resources.

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