World Time

The US has 9 different time zones. However, the 50 states are spread across 6 standard time zones. The 6 time zones are – starting from east to west – Eastern Time (ET), Central Time (CT), Mountain Time (MT), Pacific Time (PT), Alaskan Time (AKT), and Hawaii-Aleutian Time (HT).

POLY Languages Institute centers are located in California, USA, and we are in the Pacific Time zone.

California, USA

Pacific Time

Time ZoneRegion or Country
Sydney, Australia * Vladivostok Russia
Japan * Korea
Philippines * Shanghai, China * Taiwan
Thailand * Vietnam * Jakarta, Indonesia
United Arab Emirates
Moscow, Russia * Turkey
Kuwait * Saudi Arabia
France * Germany * Italy * Switzerland * Madrid, Spain
Argentina * Sao Paulo, Brazil
Santiago, Chile * Venezuela
Colombia * Monterrey, Mexico * Panama * Peru
Tijuana, Mexico * Vancouver, Canada