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POLY Languages Institute is an accredited English language (ESL) school in California, USA. It has three English language (ESL) schools in California, specifically in the cities of Irvine, Los Angeles and Pasadena.

As a result of many years our dedication and commitment to better educate and serve our students, we can confidently assure our students that we are one of the best English language (ESL) schools in California USA.

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Poly Languages Courses

General English : The General English is a communicative English program. The goal of the program is to prepare students to interact confidently in English through a fun and engaging activities.

Business English : The Business English program is for students who want to learn English and learn about business, and for business people who want to advance their careers.

Academic English :The Academic English is an intensive integrated skills program. . The purpose of the program is to prepare students for colleges and universities.

TOEFL Prep : The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is a standardized integrated-skills test, where the English proficiency of non-native speakers is evaluated. The goal of the TOEFL Prep program is to prepare students to succeed on the test.

*POLY Languages Institute is an ETS-Authorized TOEFL iBT® Test Center. Students may opt in to take their exams at our institute.

Poly Languages Tuition and Fees

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The program consists of two courses: one from Academic English or TOEFL Prep courses – and the other from General English, Business English, or IELTS courses. Furthermore, it applies only to the courses offered after 1:00 pm. The program is applicable for F-1 transfer students; however, the program is not applicable for F-1 initials applying outside the U.S.

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Our Programs

The price listed below is for one term. Each term is 4 weeks long.

Course Contact HoursLab HoursTuition
General English (1-6)1616160$
Business English (5-6)1616160$
Academic Eng. L/S (1-6)328400$
Academic Eng. R/W (1-6)328400$
TOEFL Prep L/S (5-6)328400$
TOEFL Prep R/W (5-6)328400$

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The Hardworking Mother

Learning Idioms in Context: The Hardworking Mother

Here is a short story about a hardworking mother. You’ll find idiom definitions, example sentences, conversations, and a short quiz after reading the story.

Once upon a time, there was a mother who was very supportive of her husband and worked as a part-time sales lady.  She received a clean bill of health, no matter how busy she was. She also gave her best in all projects to meet the sales target of her company she was working with. Her goal was to provide her family with a good life. Though some people have no roof over their heads, she was thankful for their place.

She was an excellent example for her children because she was very diligent and driven to succeed. She never tried to be as blind as a bat. With this, she was ready to face any challenges. She started working as an assistant in a small law firm and had a baptism of fire, but this did not cause her to stop working hard. She had a full of beans and went to work with a smile. 

A clean bill of health

  • when someone or something is examined and identified as legal or healthy or in good condition
Example Sentences

I went to a doctor last Monday, and I was given a clean bill of health.

I have received a clean bill of health as my company has met all the requirements to operate.

A: You look so happy today.

B: I have received a clean bill of health, and that makes me happy.

A roof over your head

  • it is a place where you reside
Example Sentences

I have met children in the street without a roof over their heads.

My friend has experienced a whole week to have no roof over his head.

A: I still consider myself lucky, no matter how small my apartment is.

B: You’re right as there are many people outside that have no roof over their heads.

As blind as a bat

  • someone is entirely or nearly blind and is never willing to recognize problems or challenges
Example Sentences

My sister is as blind as a bat when she’s not wearing her eyeglasses.

Bella is as blind as a bat when she is with her irresponsible boyfriend.

A: I find out what is our manager’s weakness this morning.

B: Me, too. He is as blind as a bat when he got multiple projects.

Baptism of fire

  • a first experience which is very challenging
Example Sentences

My first day of class as a Math teacher was a real baptism of fire.

Jamie’s first few months as a wife is a real baptism of fire for her.

A: What are you most afraid of now these days?

B: As much as possible, I don’t like any baptism of fire.

Be full of beans

  • someone energetic and healthy
Example Sentences

I always wanted to be full of beans every time I go to work.

My mother has full of beans every day.

A: Why are you very excited?

B: I have to be full of beans because today is my birthday!


  1. Everyone expects ______________ before receiving a diagnostic result.
  2. No one likes to have the street __________________________. 
  3. Sometimes we can be _____________ when we encounter multiple failures.
  4. Leslie’s first day of work is ______________ because she encounters unprofessional colleagues.
  5. You need to be _____________ when you invite someone to be your prom date.

Famous Quote: If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love…

If you are looking for a job you love, where you are committed and challenged, you need to look beyond compensation. If you do what you love, you put the action above; But if you love what you do, love prevails. The reason that this phrase has become contagious is that there is a way on how to do it. Finding a job that you like not only enriches you but also increases the chances that the result of your performance will be of higher quality. It is what happens with enthusiasm and the best enhancer of your worth.

Love what you do

There are people with shitty jobs, who smile all day. There are also people with their dream jobs, impressive salaries, who maintain a constant long face and sigh all day. These are neither ironic nor strange. Life is a state of mind – that’s the most important thing. Forty percent of employees are not committed to their work according to a study. With this, you have to do a self-assessment to know if you are within that percentage. In contrast, there is also a large number of employees who are engaged and who love their job.

The number one reason that a person loves his job is the co-workers themselves or the people he works with. The second most crucial factor that makes a person loves his work comes under the banner of freedom. Most people speak of freedom, autonomy, and flexibility as critical components for job satisfaction. They want the freedom to create, improvise, and be entrepreneurs. Others said that they love being free to experiment and fail, and still support their actions. 

Some also list camaraderie as the third most important factor in loving their work. The camaraderie has a significant impact on having a positive work environment. People love their work since it is a constant challenge. On the other hand, many leave their jobs because they become a routine, something mundane that does not represent challenges. With this, employees stay engaged when leaders who are good at delegating, provide opportunities and challenges.

Putting customers first

Markets have become very competitive. Companies today copy products more quickly and at a lower cost. Given this scenario, the best way to achieve a competitive advantage is to create relationships with customers through excellent quality of service and or product, which exceeds their expectations and generates a positive emotional state, that they feel part of the brand and become your communication channel to other customers.

Remember that positively surprising the customer is a strategy of guaranteed success, generating memories, and good comments. With this, wonderful attributes should last so that they do not lose strength over time. Any company that achieves customer satisfaction will get as benefits: Customer loyalty, which translates into future sales. 

In conclusion, love what you do. Focus on the company’s goal of customer satisfaction. When the goals and objectives are done with love, success is guaranteed.


An idiom can be a phrase, saying, or a set of words that have a metaphorical definition. The use of idioms is accepted both in daily conversation as well as in a business setting.

Learning Idioms in Context: Lily’s Belief in Life

A blessing in disguise
A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
A little learning/knowledge is a dangerous thing
You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs
You can’t judge a book by its cover

Learning Idioms in Context: Robert’s Big Dream

A dime a dozen
A penny for your thoughts
A snowball effect
You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink
You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar

Learning Idioms in Context: Gary’s Path To Success

Beat around the bush
When it rains, it pours
Well begun is half done
A snowball’s chance in hell
A stitch in time saves nine

Learning Idioms in Context: Todd’s Student Life

Bite the bullet
Break a leg
Weather the storm
A penny saved is a penny earned
A storm in a teacup

Learning Idioms in Context: The Productive Life of James

Call it a day
Cut somebody some slack
Wrap your head around something
We see eye to eye
Waste not, want not

Learning Idioms in Context: Leticia’s Jobs

Cutting corners
Get your act together
Under the weather
Bent out of shape
The best of both worlds

Learning Idioms in Context: A Mother’s Love

Hit the sack
It’s not rocket science
The last straw
A perfect storm
Miss the boat

Learning Idioms in Context: Making New Friends

Let someone off the hook
On the ball
Barking up the wrong tree
Cost an arm and a leg
Throw caution to the wind

Learning Idioms in Context: A Young Man Lived In A Village

Bite off more than you can chew
At the drop of a hat
On a wild goose chase
Rain on someone’s parade
Take a rain check

Learning Idioms in Context: The Apple Tree

Every cloud has a silver lining
Save for a rainy day
Take (something) with a grain of salt
There are other fish in the sea
You can’t have your cake and eat it to

Learning Idioms in Context: The Hardworking Mother

A clean bill of health
A roof over your head
As blind as a bat
Baptism of fire
Be full of beans