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Essential Reasons to Study Abroad

When parents are asked on what they want for their child in the future, most of them respond that they want their children to finish their studies. As a general rule, parents always want their children to become successful. Seeing your children grow and succeed in their studies is one of the things that give you more pride and joy. One of the ideas that lead a person to success is the chance to study abroad. For some, the idea of studying abroad has always been going around but remain undecided. This article will discuss the things that you can gain when you study abroad, like studying in an ESL School in the USA. This can help you decide and encourage you to live that great experience.

Many kill two birds with one stone and become tourists and students. Hence, they decide to continue their academic studies in another country. They take advantage of their free time to know the tourist destinations of the city where they are located and those around them. Without a doubt, studying abroad is worth spending. One example is the desire to study abroad, particularly in an English school in the USA.

Learn or improve a second language in an English School in the USA

Mastering a second language is one of the main reasons why young people and professionals decide to study abroad. Learning a language is a task that requires great effort. Within your daily activities, it is not easy to find the time to learn. On the other hand, if you decide to study abroad, this will become part of your daily routine, and you will learn it in a simple and agile way. Living with other people who speak that language and communicating with them regularly will make your language level increase significantly. 

Travel on weekends and holidays

Who doesn’t like to travel? Studying abroad is a huge opportunity to travel and get to see scenic places in that country. You will not only know where you are going to study, but you can also travel on weekends and holidays to nearby cities. ESL Schools in the USA, especially in California, will give you the best scene as this state has various spots to discover. Many opportunities that will offer you the possibility to study and spend a season in that destination.

Make new friends and learn a new culture when staying in an ESL School in the USA

The idea of ​​meeting new friends from different nationalities is fascinating. You will not only meet new friends but experience a multicultural exchange. You will learn to integrate into a lifestyle different from yours. Adjustment to a different lifestyle and appreciate the customs and traditions of the country in which you study are also expected. The fact of having to know a new culture will make you a more independent and self-confident person. This is a fact that will also allow you to know yourself better.

Acquire new skills and knowledge

The interaction with professors and specialists of recognized institutions have different criteria to share their knowledge. In addition to increasing knowledge, studying abroad provides added value to your academic preparation. Taking an English class in an English School in the USA is beneficial because many institutions have international prestige and quality.

English School in the USA

Get a better job with more competitive pay and higher educational attainment

You have a competitive advantage that facilitates job placement with a better salary when you have completed a course abroad. Also, continuing academic preparation abroad provides more excellent status by having a higher level in the education system. This is true when you plan to enhance more your English communication skills in an ESL School in the USA.

Be more independent when you are studying in an English School in the USA

By being away from your country of origin, family and friends, you will become a more independent person. This gives you another perspective on situations and even your own country. You will learn to see the world differently and open to new ideas that will make you grow as a person. During the first weeks, it can be hard, but it won’t take long to get used to and extract the flavor of this independence. Inevitably, a unique opportunity to self-realize, mature and improve significantly as a person. 

Strengthen the love and value of family

Being away from home is always a matter of nostalgia. In this case, you know what your goals are, and that gives you the strength to continue. But it does not stop bringing to your mind the value of being close to yours, the incalculable thing of being at home. This will strengthen family ties. Indeed, we do not know what we have until we lose it. Now you have not lost it, but you will value every phrase of your mother, every day in your family or every night in the tranquility of your home.

You become more organized and productive

Studying abroad requires more significant control over money and time to achieve your objectives and cover expenses. Learning to manage your expenses and get around in an unknown environment without family support is not something you learn overnight. Many times going to another country translates into a party, sleepless nights and many friends. However, when studying a higher level of course or degree is complicated. Since you want to have time to travel and learn more about that country like its work visa applications, you need to organize your time efficiently. You will have to be more productive and learn to work under pressure.

Upon your return, you will be glad that you had this experience not only from studies, but this made you grow. After this, you will be more understanding and feel more connected for humanity. You will have a different life and different opportunities. Whether you decide to leave or to meet a personal goal, studying abroad like studying in an English school in the USA can teach you a lot. You won’t find the answers in the place you go or in the people around you but when you leave your comfort zone will show yourself who you are. Remember that two heads are better than one and a person full of knowledge and experience lives a fuller life. 

What do you think about these top reasons for studying abroad? Could you add more? Share your opinions!

Downtown Los Angeles Tour

Explore DTLA with POLY!

Are you a new ESL student in Los Angeles? Or maybe you’ve been here a while and have always wanted to embark on a Downtown Los Angeles Tour, but didn’t know where to start. There is so much to see and learn in Los Angeles. However, as a new resident to Los Angeles, this can be a difficult challenge. Many students attending language schools in the U.S. for the first time do not know where to go and where to stay away from.

Fear no more. This upcoming April 20th, you can join our Explore Downtown LA Tour with POLY Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Irvine ESL students and staff. On Saturday afternoon from 12PM to 5PM, we will be taking you through interesting places for you to check-out and see.

The Tour

The Downtown LA Tour will begin in the Little Tokyo/Arts District area where we will check out local shops, bakeries, and more. Afterwards, we will head over to the historic Grand Central Market. Here you can buy your lunch from various restaurants from different cultures, styles, and cuisines. Next, we will take our lunch to Grand Park for a relaxing, cozy picnic in Downtown’s most beloved park. Then, we will head over to The Last Bookstore, an iconic shop in the heart of Downtown. At the bookstore, you can browse for something new to read or simply sit and enjoy the quiet atmosphere. You can also tour the shop, and browse their beautiful book arrangements.

Explore Downtown Los Angeles Tour sights that will be visited
Explore Downtown Los Angeles Event Flyer


After that, our Explore Downtown Los Angeles Tour will take a detour to Little Damage. This place is famous for their fancy charcoal ice cream. Also, they have a selfie wall where you can strike your best pose.

Final Destination

Finally, we will make one final stop at Pershing Square before making our way to Spire 73, the tallest building west of the Mississippi River. Pershing Square has some of the most interesting architecture and colors of the area. To end the day, we will enjoy a gorgeous sunset view of LA from one of the most cool spots in Downtown – Spire 73.

If you ever feared exploring Los Angeles on your own, this POLY event will be a great experience for you. Join Poly Languages Institute’s Explore Downtown Los Angeles Tour for a fun and adventurous day with ESL students and staff! Don’t forget to bring your comfortable shoes, sunscreen, a bag, and a camera to capture long-lasting memories.

Student Event – Jazz at LACMA

Jazz at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) is an annual celebration of the greatest Jazz musicians in Los Angeles. The beloved program runs from April to November, every Friday night at 6:00 p.m.
“Celebrating over twenty years at LACMA, the program continues to be one of the museum’s most recognizable offerings […] Over 42,000 visitors attend the program annually,” according to LACMA’s website.
Located on the Smidt Welcome Plaza of the museum, Jazz at LACMA invites all guests, of all ages, for FREE! Guests are welcomed to bring food and drinks into the event, as well as picnic baskets and blankets; however, they must follow LACMA’s guidelines: http://www.lacma.org/plan-your-visit
This intimate event produces a remarkable sense of community in L.A., which, at times, can feel impossible to imagine for a city with such constant mobility.
On October 19, 2018, our Poly ESL students will attend this melodious event to build a stronger bond amongst our three centers: Los Angeles, Pasadena and Irvine. The students will swing to the rhythms of the Jon Mayer Trio.
In the heart of L.A., under the Californian sky, the students will feel the gentle breeze harmoniously swaying with the rich echoes of the jazz instruments.

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