Idioms – leisure

American English Idioms

An idiom is a phrase (group of words) that usually has a figurative meaning. The use of idioms is wide spread in the English language; native English speakers use idioms almost every day.  Therefore, studying idioms is critical for effective communication, whether in listening, speaking, reading, or writing.  Studying idioms not only improves your understanding of the English language but also gives you a deeper insight into American culture.  The idiomatic expressions (idioms) introduced are based on a theme chosen.


Idioms Related to Leisure

at (one’s) leisure – at one’s convenience or to do something at one’s pace (without haste)


If you’re done with your homework, you can spend the rest of the day at (your) leisure.

I plan to complete all my work today so that I can relax tomorrow. I would like to spend at least once a week at (my) leisure.


have a blast – have a great time

Blast means an explosion. It seems that the word in this contest is to express intensity of excitement or enjoyment.


The Thanksgiving potluck by school was great. We had a blast.

Let’s have a blast tonight. Everyone at the party is very friendly and cool.


take it easy – 1) to be calm or relaxed 2) take care, be careful


1) I am going to take it easy this weekend. I’ve been studying too hard for the finals.

2) Take it easy! Let’s keep in touch.


in one’s element – to do or be in state of something comfortable

out of one’s element – to do or be in state of something uncomfortable


Jane is in her element when she’s drawing. She loves to draw and sits still for hours drawing. However, Jane is out of her element when she’s doing her math homework. She cannot sit still beyond 10 minutes.


barrel of laughs – very funny or having great fun
‘Barrel’ is a big container. The ‘barrel’ in this context means ‘lot of’ laughter or fun. *The expression is often used in a sarcastic context.


For Jason, the English literature course isn’t a barrel of laughs.  To a non-native English speaker, it is a very challenging course.

*Heidi is always nagging, if not very demanding. She’s a barrel of laughs.


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