Study English in the USA

Study English in the USA

Studying English in the U.S. has been a dream to many. Thousands of students have been applying annually to be admitted to colleges and universities. While most students want to study English in the USA, others want to experience the remarkable American life. As a student wherein English is not your native language, it is never easy to improve your English communication skills without a skilled English teacher with an effective program. As you read this article, you may not be certain as to how you can improve your English efficiently. It is a fact that many students became successful in improving their English communication skills after studying abroad so this article will guide you in deciding to start planning your study in the U.S. in the next coming years and be one of those successful students.

The first step is to think of the requirements when applying for a student visa. This means that you need to check the Bureau of Consular Affairs website or contact them directly. With this, the most critical requirement for studying in the U.S. is acing your student visa interview as the interview is in English. Moreover, an excellent TOEFL or IELTS score also matters as this will give you more opportunity to choose different universities. You should remember that each college or university has different requirements for English proficiency. With this, you should be able to improve your English more extensively.

A good English communication skill is a stepping stone for you to be accepted to a good university in the U.S. You will be in a constant class discussion where explaining and debating is just a routine. Class participation is one of the key performance factors in evaluating your grades. While others may opt to select an easy program, it is always suggested that you choose the intensive program. You will have more benefits in the future, especially when advancing your career in the workplace.

Different Types of English Language Programs in Colleges and Universities

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Intensive English Program

This is a challenging program that is usually taken at the beginning of the semester. It is useful for professionals and students preparing for university or business programs. This program emphasizes fluency and accuracy. Students from various countries have attended this program, and it is based on the integrated-skills approach in listening, speaking, reading, writing. A student must have 18 hours a week intensive English program completed to qualify for a student visa.


  • Live on campus
  • Full access to the college or university library and other facilities
  • Practice with other students
  • Take some university courses when you have an advanced level of English
  • Work up to 20 hours weekly if you hold an F-1 visa

The Intensive English program is not always a part of a college or university degree program. With this, it is essential that you understand the reality that you cannot guarantee to receive academic credit. When you are admitted to an ESL School, this doesn’t mean that you can be automatically accepted as a student in a college or university. If you plan to study in a university course, make sure that you do your research first. Colleges and universities have different admission requirements and policies. Moreover, it is crucial to keep in mind the cost of a community college, public colleges, and universities because they have lower tuition fees than private ones.

Proprietary English Language Program

While students usually initiate the interest to study English in the USA, there are private ESL schools that cater assistance to students who plan to enter the nearest college or university. The students are already residing near the ESL school and can feel the convenience in completing the program. As a result, this can be very rewarding. The school can prepare students to college and universities’ admission successfully. On the other hand, it is important to note that there are only a few ESL schools that offer housing or arrange home-stays.


  • If you are an advanced-level student, you may take one or two courses in the nearest colleges or universities.
  • You can take a few vacation ESL classes in which you learn English while you travel to scenic spots places.
  • You can study flexibly in a familial environment with a state of the art facilities.
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Finding The Best Program

While the plan to study English in the USA is one of the best decisions you can make, you must do serious research before choosing an ESL school. Read about the courses and programs they offer, their accreditation, and location. You contact the ESL school directly to ask some questions related to your study. Moreover, requesting assistance to your local class adviser can also give you a guarantee that you are identifying the school that is best for you. This process of selecting the school is rewarding as you will know more about the school that will be part of your life. Hence, make sure to choose carefully.

When choosing a program, make sure to consider below areas as they have a significant impact on your success in your plan to study English in the USA.

  • The kind of program you want to attend
  • The cost of the program and other expenses
  • The location you want to go
  • The school’s class size and extracurricular activities
  • The school’s setting, teachers, accommodations and services
  • The school’s accreditation and it’s policy on enrolling in a nearby university

The above list is mostly reflected in a school’s catalog but you must still verify each area to guarantee their authenticity. Hence, doing proper research, asking academic experts in this area, and practicing your English communication skills are equally important in making yourself ready to study English in the USA.

Are you still undecided on which English program you want to enroll? Please contact us below and feel free to fill out the form with any questions you may have about your future English study in the USA.