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Welcome to our Online English Learning Platform – the perfect place to ‘learn English online’ through real, scheduled classes. Experience the richness of a traditional classroom environment, all from the convenience of your own home or any location with internet access.

Real-Time Classes with Set Schedules

Our online courses are structured with set schedules, just like traditional in-person classes. Conducted through Zoom, these sessions offer a structured learning environment that ensures consistency and discipline in your language learning journey. Attend live classes at designated times, engage in real-time discussions, and benefit from immediate teacher feedback.

Interactive and Dynamic Learning

Each course is led by experienced teachers and attended by students worldwide. This dynamic setup allows for interactive lessons where you can participate actively, ask questions, and engage in group activities, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

Connect with a Global Community

Our virtual classrooms are more than just a place to learn English; they’re a gateway to a global community. You’ll have the opportunity to interact with fellow learners from diverse backgrounds, enhancing your understanding of different cultures while practicing English in a lively, multicultural setting.

Technical Requirements for Online Learning

To ensure an optimal learning experience in our online courses, we recommend the following internet connection specifications:

  • Download Speed: Greater than 20 Mbps
  • Upload Speed: Greater than 5 Mbps
  • Ping Rate: Less than 50 ms

To easily check your current internet connection speed, you can visit here. This quick test will help you verify if your internet meets the necessary criteria for participating in our online classes.

Online English Courses Available:

General English (GE) Courses (Lecture: 64 hours per level or two 32-hour terms)

General English online courses are focused on practical communication, helping students become confident English speakers in various social, travel, and professional contexts. Each course level, from foundational Level 100 to advanced Level 600, emphasizes conversational skills and cultural fluency, encouraging students to apply their English in real-life situations. The curriculum fosters comprehensive language development, balancing all language skills with a particular emphasis on fluency and everyday communication.

Level 100 – General English Beginner (GE 101 & 102)

Course Goals: Develop essential listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills for basic everyday communication.

Course Objectives:

  • Practice and apply comprehension skills in listening and reading.
  • Utilize basic vocabulary and grammar in various communicative tasks.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Conduct basic introductions and exchange personal information.
  • Understand and describe daily routines, clothing, personal preferences, and time-related questions.
  • Engage in simple conversations about past events and future plans.

Prerequisite: None.
Textbook: “Top Notch Fundamentals” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

Level 200 – General English High-Beginner (GE 201 & 202)

Course Goals: Enhance essential language skills for more complex everyday communication.

Course Objectives:

  • Develop the ability to engage in conversations about various everyday topics.
  • Expand vocabulary and grammar knowledge related to social interactions and daily life.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Discuss personal and family life, make recommendations, express sympathy, and plan activities.
  • Navigate social situations like accepting invitations, dining out, and discussing vacations.

Prerequisite: GE 102, LS 102, or RW 102.
Textbook: “Top Notch 1” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

Level 300 – General English Low-Intermediate (GE 301 & 302)

Course Goals: Broaden communicative language skills for a variety of social contexts.

Course Objectives:

  • Strengthen conversational abilities for more nuanced interactions.
  • Integrate intermediate grammar and vocabulary into everyday communication.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Engage in discussions about movies, travel, shopping, and personal interests.
  • Manage everyday scenarios like hotel check-ins, salon appointments, and troubleshooting problems.

Prerequisite: GE 202, LS 202, or RW 202.
Textbook: “Top Notch 2” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

POLY Virtual Office

Level 400 – General English Intermediate (GE 401 & 402)

Course Goals: Further develop language skills for intermediate-level personal and social communication.

Course Objectives:

  • Cultivate the ability to discuss a range of topics, including health, lifestyle, and current events.
  • Refine language usage for expressing opinions, making appointments, and handling service interactions.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Participate in small talk, discuss schedules, recommend books, and describe technology.
  • Navigate complex conversations about culture, travel, and risks.

Prerequisite: GE 302, LS 302, or RW 302.
Textbook: “Top Notch 3” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

Level 500 – General English High-Intermediate (GE 501 & 502)

Course Goals: Enhance fluency in English for high-intermediate communicative tasks.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss world issues, personal beliefs, and societal trends from an informed perspective.
  • Apply advanced language structures in persuasive communication and problem-solving.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Analyze and articulate thoughts on complex topics like the arts, finance, and social issues.
  • Engage in culturally sensitive discussions and provide reasoned advice.

Prerequisite: GE 402, LS 402, or RW 402.
Textbook: “Summit 1” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

Level 600 – General English Advanced (GE 601 & 602)

Course Goals: Master advanced English communication skills for professional and academic environments.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss career goals, personal achievements, and global concerns with sophistication.
  • Evaluate and discuss complex concepts, using advanced language and critical thinking skills.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Debate and present on a variety of advanced topics, demonstrating high-level linguistic competence.
  • Navigate complex social scenarios, articulating ideas with cultural awareness and clarity.

Prerequisite: GE 502, LS 502, or RW 502.
Textbook: “Summit 2” (3rd Edition) by Joan Saslow and Allen Ascher.

Business English (BE) Courses (Lecture: 128 hours per level or four 32-hour terms)

Tailored for individuals aiming to integrate English into their professional lives, the Business English online courses are ideal for students at the high-intermediate level and above, including business professionals looking to enhance their career prospects. Starting at Level 500 and progressing through Level 600, the program combines language learning with business acumen, focusing on the English skills needed to navigate a corporate environment successfully. These Business English online courses emphasize the practical application of English in business settings and prepare students to communicate confidently in the global market.

Level 500 – Business English High-Intermediate (BE 501, 502, 503 & 504)

Course Goals: Develop the language proficiency and business acumen necessary for effective communication in various business contexts at a high-intermediate level.

Course Objectives:

  • Engage with business concepts and terminology presented through the lens of real-world scenarios.
  • Cultivate advanced communication skills for business problem-solving and negotiation.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Apply critical thinking to analyze business case studies and current market trends.
  • Demonstrate the ability to conduct negotiations, presentations, and discussions with a focus on business-related content.

Prerequisite: GE 402, LS 402, or RW 402.
Textbook: “Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra Upper Intermediate.”

Level 600 – Business English Advanced (BE 601, 602, 603 & 604)

Course Goals: Achieve a high level of English proficiency combined with a deep understanding of business concepts to excel in professional settings and advanced business discussions.

Course Objectives:

  • Analyze complex business texts and contribute to discussions on global business issues.
  • Develop the language skills needed to articulate and defend positions on business strategies and management philosophies.

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • Formulate and deliver well-structured, persuasive arguments on advanced business topics.
  • Navigate advanced business scenarios, utilizing effective communication strategies and exhibiting cultural intelligence.

Prerequisite: GE 502, LS 502, RW 502, or BE 504.
Textbook: “Market Leader 3rd Edition Extra, Advanced.”