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Other Essential Services

At POLY Languages Institute, we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive and supportive environment for our students. Our range of services is designed to enhance both your educational and cultural experiences, ensuring a comfortable and enriching stay as you focus on your academic journey.

Medical Insurance

Mandatory for all F-1 students and their dependents, we guide you in selecting an appropriate medical insurance plan. Students may opt for their own insurance or choose the International Student Protection (ISP) plan, specifically designed for international students in the U.S. For more details, visit International Student Protection (ISP) or contact 1-877-738-5787.

College or University Placement

Upon completion of our Intensive English (ESL) program, students can take advantage of our agreements with several colleges and universities, facilitating admissions without the need for TOEFL scores. Our partner institutions include:

Student Events

At POLY Languages Institute, we are passionate about enriching our students’ educational experience through cultural immersion and social connections. Prior to the pandemic, we organized events every two to four months, offering students fantastic opportunities to socialize, explore local areas, and form lasting friendships. Although these events are partially subsidized, some may require a nominal fee.

Current Status and Future Plans: Due to the challenges posed by the pandemic, we have temporarily paused these events. However, we are excitedly planning to resume them as soon as it is safe and feasible. We understand the value of these gatherings in enhancing your cultural and educational journey and are committed to bringing back these opportunities. Keep an eye on our announcements for updates on upcoming events and the resumption of this vibrant aspect of our community life.

Transcripts and Certificates

We provide official transcripts detailing your academic progress. Additionally, two types of certificates are awarded in our ESL program – the Certificate of Achievement and the Certificate of Completion, each recognizing different levels of English proficiency and course completion.

Director’s Contact Line

For concerns or issues, we recommend initially seeking assistance through our Virtual Office. Our staff are often able to quickly resolve matters. If your concern remains unresolved and you are a registered student, you can escalate the issue through MyPoly. This student portal is designed for various student-related matters, including the lodging of formal complaints. When filing a complaint, please include details of the issue, dates of occurrence, and any individuals involved.

For individuals not registered with our institution, including prospective students and other external parties, we encourage direct communication through the contact methods provided on our website.

We are committed to promptly addressing your concerns, typically providing a resolution within 10 days. For anonymous complaints, you may omit your name, but please ensure you include sufficient detail for an effective resolution. Your feedback is crucial in helping us maintain a supportive and responsive environment.

Our goal at Poly Languages Institute is to support your educational pursuits and enhance your experience, offering all necessary resources for a successful and enjoyable learning journey.

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