Learning Idioms in Context: Todd's Student Life

Learning Idioms in Context: Todd’s Student Life

Here is an interesting story about a student who is courageous and friendly. You’ll find idiom definitions, example sentences, conversations, and a short quiz after reading the story.

It’s an excellent opportunity to ponder how good the life of a successful student who weathered the storm. His name is Todd, and he has done well for his student life. He has a circle of friends who are supportive of each other. When one of them needs support, whether it be moral or financial, all of them are there to lend a hand. If there is a need to bite the bullet to solve someone’s difficulty in the group, they will bravely face it. 

Jim, one of Todd’s friends, always drops a note to Todd saying “break a leg” before his weekly quiz starts. That’s how encouraging Jim as he is consistently very sincere to all of his friends. One day, Todd came to see Jim because he heard that Jim had encountered an issue paying his contribution to their group project. He suggested that they should start to save a portion of their daily allowance so that they can pay their future project expenses next time. Months passed, and they had saved enough. After that, they firmly believed that penny saved is a penny earned.

Todd’s life is not so perfect, of course. Friends come and go, but he always learns how to accept all inevitable parts of life courageously. Occasionally, he saw his classmates arguing on things, but he realized it was a storm in a teacup. He didn’t bother to include himself in those situations. At a young age, he felt that his student life became more manageable when he learned to master the art of embracing challenges. 

Bite the bullet

  • to face a difficult situation bravely and endure it for an extended period
Example Sentences

I am now determined, so I had to bite the bullet and take my Chemistry classes although I know that these are always tough classes.

I never liked cleaning, but I bite the bullet as I don’t want to have a messy and dirty surrounding. 

A: It seems that you look exhausted in the past few months. Are you happy with your job?

B. I am not. I need to bite the bullet and look for a different job next month.

Break a leg

  • to wish or tell someone good luck before he/she performs
Example Sentences

“Hey Isaac, I hope you break a leg tonight in your recital.”

Maine always drops a note to say “break a leg” to her best friend before the final examination.

A: Tomorrow will be my thesis defense. 

B: I wish you all the best of luck on your thesis defense. Break a leg

Weather the storm

  • to survive difficult situations or problems and successfully solve them 
Example Sentences

The president frightened his staff due to unsatisfactory job performance, but no one resigned and decided to weather the storm.

Bea tried to weather the storm and refused to resign in her company.

A: You have been so patient with the team’s policy. Things are becoming complicated. What’s your plan for the next few months?

B: I know that things will get better so I will weather the storm.

A penny saved is a penny earned

  • it is crucial or wise to save money
Example Sentences

Bob has been saving a portion of his monthly salary because he believes that a penny saved is a penny earned.

Children are advised by their parents to work hard to save money when they get to the corporate world someday. Their parents knew that a penny saved is a penny earned.

A: You should celebrate and reward yourself. Let’s go shopping tomorrow!

B: I am sorry. I can’t go because I have started saving money from my monthly salary. I realized that a penny saved is a penny earned.

A storm in a teacup

  • people are very upset, angry or annoyed on minor things or those that are not important at all
Example Sentences 

The issue is not too serious, but Jim’s wrath is unreasonable, just a storm in a teacup.

Pamela won’t be angry for long about what happened last night; it’s only a storm in a teacup.

A: Why are the neighbors arguing again? What’s the problem? 

B: We should get used to them; they are always arguing, but it is usually a storm in a teacup.


  1. Bella decided to just ___________ to complete her term paper and accepted that she would not play computer games this weekend. 
  2. “_____________” Nico’s mother shouted out to him before he started his presentation.
  3. Denzel and his friends were strong enough to ____________ as they completed their final term paper.
  4. You must save at least 10% of your monthly income because ______________. 
  5. Martha thought that the entire matter is nothing but ___________ and that it would solve quickly.
English School in the USA

Learning English Is A Key To A Bright Future

Learning the English language becomes a need nowadays. With this, having a bilingual skill is essential to be successful in a highly competitive work and academic environment. It’s a fact that learning English is one of the keys to a bright future, and the best part of all is that it’s up to you if you can achieve it. Primarily, you should decide to start that path by studying at an English School in the USA. The time has come to ensure that you will succeed in the future. Below are the main reasons why studying English is the key that will lead you to the top.

It is an advantage.

The benefit of learning the English language is knowledge. Dedicating yourself to gain a more significant amount of vocabulary and have mastered the grammar of the English language in an English School in the USA is equivalent to opening the door to endless benefits. You will get an impressive amount of advantages. Moreover, learning a new language will allow your brain to be more flexible, and therefore, it will be easier for you to adapt to changes and improve your cognitive ability. What are we talking about now? It’s like a domino game! By learning a different language, it will be easier for you to learn anything else. Learning more will also allow you to concentrate better, make better decisions, and solve problems more efficiently.

It improves your knowledge in your native language.

Learning a foreign language will allow you to improve your native language, and this shouldn’t surprise you. How is it possible? By identifying the rules of a different language, you will automatically recognize and apply your rules. This is something common, but not exclusive, of people who are dedicated to translation. The level of analysis of grammar structures increases without you noticing it. On the other hand, in addition to improving your grammar, knowing new words of another language always leads to expanding your native vocabulary in a way that would be more complicated by other means.

It will make you more competent.

Although each person is unique, the reality is that this generation requires competencies in all aspects to be able to excel. Being part of the “average” will also reflect you to have an “average” future. Investing in learning the English language in an English School in the USA will make you stand out. You will become an expert in a new language, and become competent to perform in the area of ​​your interest using English in particular.

It allows you to travel more globally.

Learning English in an English School in the USA will give you a stepping stone to explore the world. Whether for professional, intellectual, cultural growth or just for vacation, learning the English language will motivate you to visit the US and other countries around the world where this language is spoken. In addition to practicing it, you can apply for different purposes and even allow you to work in such places while you enjoy and learn. How does it feel to get paid for travelling? Learn a new language and make it happen! All you need is to decide to take that first step. At POLY, you will learn with skilled English teachers.

It enables you to experience cultural diversity.

By learning a new language, you are not only getting involved with grammar rules and new vocabulary, but you are also approaching to connect with a diverse culture that you could not access or even understand before. By knowing more complex cultural expressions such as traditions, festivals, and events, this will broaden your perception of life. This level of multiculturalism will be of great benefit to find a job abroad. In addition to that, it will give you a much broader vision. This cultural advantage will make you more interesting and, without a doubt, a more valuable person.

It improves your empathy.

By expanding your understanding and interpretation, it will be easier for you to understand the ideas of others, which will be of great help when negotiating with potential clients, bosses, teachers, and even partners and friends. You need a break, and not everything is all about looking for professional opportunities. It will also improve your life emotionally! Being a much more empathetic person and able to communicate efficiently, your relationships will be positively affected. From this openness and understanding, the bonds you build will be more likely to be healthy and valuable.

It provides you with full freedom.

Learning about a new culture and knowing different points of view will not only allow you to have a better relationship with other people. Questioning your own beliefs and ideology will enable you to change your own opinions. When studying a different language, you discover amazing people and cultures that you thought are opposite and what you have is what you believed to be “right”. You realize that everything you were forbidden to do is viable, and even people can be happy to practice other cultures. You feel free and much more confident to do the things you want in your life without overthinking about the limitations. This will certainly allow you to go further than even you have permitted yourself so far.

It offers work stability.

Learning the English language in an English School in the USA will expand your range of possibilities to be able to enter a job that meets your economic and professional needs. In some cases, English is a requirement to be part of companies and teams that help you on your way to success. Speaking of stability, in addition to the benefit of obtaining that vacancy that you wanted so much, your day to day will be much simpler, especially in those areas where there is information that is very different from your native language. Hence, having that extra knowledge will be of great value for your team and you, and in turn, you will be a valuable element for the company.

These points are not independent of each other; they are interrelated. What you will do after taking the first step to learning the English language is absolutely up to you. However, what is certain: it will transform your life into something more meaningful and productive. So, do you want to experience those benefits mentioned above? Contact us now to start your English learning journey with us!

Learning Idioms in Context: Gary's Path To Success

Learning Idioms in Context: Gary’s Path To Success

Here is a story of a young man with a fantastic mindset on how to be successful. You’ll find idiom definitions, example sentences, conversations, and a short quiz after reading the story.

Success comes to those who desire it. Gary is a young man who loves to plan to do things systematically. He doesn’t need to beat around the bush when communicating with other people. He speaks clearly and makes sure that all his ideas are well understood easily. 

Gary is a solution seeker as he believes that a stitch in time saves nine. He makes sure to face any challenges as early as possible. He never runs out of time to think of a possible solution to all issues he encounters. On the other hand, he is also a person that values the art of saving. He only buys what he needs. He said that when it rains, it pours so he prepares for it. Life is full of surprises, so he saves money in the bank for his future. 

Gary is also famous for being a perfectionist. At the beginning of a project, he always sees to it that everything starts with a good plan. While it is true that well begun is half done, he still works at his best until the end of the project. Through this mindset, any project he undertakes has a snowball’s chance in hell to fail. All tasks are well thought and performed according to his plan. As others may have different strategies, Gary’s road to success is inspiring and realistic.

Beat around the bush 

  • to speak vaguely, or avoid talking about something directly 
Example Sentences

I asked Mila why she was always late for work, but instead of giving me a straight answer, all she did was beat around the bush.

You need to speak clearly about what you want to do in your next project. If you beat around the bush, you are making things complicated.

A: Mom, my best friend told me to save money and buy for two extra shirts.

B: Please stop beating around the bush and tell me what you are talking about.

When it rains, it pours  

  • something good or bad that is occurring many times then something good or bad also happens
Example Sentences

Bella perfectly understands that when it rains, it pours, so she saves a portion of her salary as much as possible.

My younger sister wanted to clear out her debts and worked hard at her job. As they say, when it rains, it pours so she was also promoted after a few months.

A: Hannah, why you are so thrifty now, and you don’t go out too much. 

B: Yes, I need to save now as when it rains, it pours. I don’t know when my boss will suddenly fire me.

Well begun is half done

  • a good beginning makes a good ending
Example Sentences

Well begun is half done so when you have started a project well, you can finish it smoothly, too.

Although well begun is half done, you should still do your best until the end of the semester.

A: I’m afraid I’ll never be able to finish my English homework. 

B: You have already written a good essay. Well begun is half done.

A snowball’s chance in hell 

  • something that has no chance to happen or succeed
Example Sentences

Your dream is too unrealistic. It has a snowball’s chance in hell that you can achieve it.

Fe has a snowball’s chance in hell of studying higher education in the US as she never started to learn English.

A: Do you think I can be a flight attendant someday?

B: That is a snowball’s chance in hell because there is a height requirement. You are just 4 feet tall.

A stitch in time saves nine

  • a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible before it gets worse
Example Sentences

There is something wrong with your car. You should take it to the shop as it is better to get it checked as a stitch in time saves nine.

If you have many book reports to do for your final paper, start now. Do not begin to write a week before the deadline as a stitch in time saves nine.

A: I can see that you failed two subjects for our preliminary examination. You should do your best in all our class participation, book reports and projects for midterm and final assessment. 

B. Thank you for your advice. I will do better now as I also believe that a stitch in time saves nine. 


1. Never try to ____________ when you are delivering a speech as this is not a good practice of an excellent public speaker.

2. Allan has been saving a lot of money and has no plan of spending his vacation abroad as he believes that ____________.

3. Although ___________, Gemma always makes the best term paper in school at all times.

4. You got _____________ when you wish to be promoted as a supervisor, but you always come to work an hour late.

5. Maya knows that her book report is a week away from its deadline, but she has already started to finalize it as she believes that _____________.

Learning Idioms in Context Robert's Big Dream

Learning Idioms in Context: Robert’s Big Dream

Here is a story of a fresh graduate who is always happy and positive. You’ll find idiom definitions, example sentences, conversations, and a short quiz after reading the story.

Robert just graduated in college a few months ago. There is a dime a dozen about this young man but you can still learn from him. He is one of the many aspirants to become a famous actor. Nothing is terrible about it, but chances are closing to his door as he always focuses on growing to be a star. Any penny for your thoughts about this? There is nothing wrong to dream, but achieving it is a different story as you need to be realistic. This got into a snowball effect. Robert ignored other opportunities. With this, he is experiencing difficulties when he decided to look for a job. 

Let’s face it: A lot of people in today’s world hopes to be successful like their model icon Jack Ma or Warren Buffet, two of the successful businessmen in the world. There is nothing wrong to be like them, but weighing the situations and realities in life should be part of the decision in leading your journey in life to be successful. While it is true that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink, and the probability of achieving your goal in life should always be realistic. Despite the failure, Robert is still very positive. He keeps on smiling in every rejection he received from every audition. He can wait. 

Robert has always been patient and kind to everybody though he has encountered many failures in life. He believes that “you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar”. He always stays kind to the needy and be there for all his friends when they need him. This is Robert, the man who has a big dream with a big heart. 

A dime a dozen

  • things that are common, easy to acquire, and of no or little value
Example Sentences

Watching movies online is a dime a dozen nowadays, but this act is illegal.

Businesses that are losing money are a dime a dozen.

A. I am afraid I’ll get a low paying job.

B. Life doesn’t need to be complicated, Ella. Jobs with low salary are a dime a dozen, but you need to do your best to get the high paying ones. 

A penny for your thoughts

  • it is a way of asking what others are thinking
Example Sentences

You are serious today, a penny for your thoughts.

The group has been so quiet about the low result of their project then suddenly the leader asked, “A penny for your thoughts, guys.”

A. Hi Bill, this is our new classmate. Do you know her, a penny for your thoughts?

B. No, this is the first time I met her.

A snowball effect

  • a situation in which an action or event leads to the same actions or events
Example Sentences

We have to start thinking that we can win the game today and it will be a snowball effect.

Ella has been so positive in life. Her outlook in life has a snowball effect.

A. You keep on failing all your weekly quizzes. What is happening to you?

B. I think my initial failure to my science subject has a snowball effect on all subjects. 

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink

  • you can provide ideas or offer assistance to others, but you cannot force them to accept whatever you offer
Example Sentences

Bob always wanted me to become a lawyer, but his father wanted him to be a cop. It is happening that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.

My best friend is still single, and this causes his unhappiness. I had told him to try accepting suitors, but he refused. Things are getting worse that no matter you wanted to help, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

A. Shane is still not listening to us. He always plays mobile games, and his studies got affected.

B. Yes, I have tried my best to advise him about the harmful effects of too much playtime in mobile games, but as you know, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. 

You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar

  • You can get people to agree with you quickly by being kind or polite instead of being rude.
Example Sentences

Ana has been acting rude due to the restaurant server gave the wrong meal but did not get any refund because of her attitude. Put yourself in Ana’s shoes next time and be kind and you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.

At all times, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. This is a good practice that makes you a better person.

A: This hotel is expensive, but the air conditioner is not working. Let’s talk to the hotel manager and make a scene unless he gives us a full refund.

B: We can get the refund if we ask nicely. You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.


1. Life is too short. Things that are _____________ should be ignored and aim to be successful.

2. Candy’s girlfriend is nice and pretty. Do you know her, _______________.

3. Word of mouth causes ____________ that leads some businesses to their success.

4. Many of his friends tried to offer help but he did not accept them. It is always true in some cases that ___________________________.

5. Ruben has been the king of politeness and has won most of his classmate’s trust. With this, it is authentic that ________________________.