Student Event – Ice Skating in Pasadena

There are plenty of well-known winter sports, but perhaps none as widely known and elegant as the sport of ice-skating. Where men and women alike strap on shoes with a single sharp blade attached at the bottom, and glide around a rink (or lake) of ice. Unlike hockey, many of these athletes travel backwards with ease, sometimes doing tricks, skips, turns, and jumps for scores. Ice-skating isn’t always a singular sport either. Pairs lift, fling, and dance in unison with their partner across the ice giving an expressive and artistic showing to the people watching. There is no question that this is a beautiful and graceful sport, but the best part about it is, it’s not just for the professionals. It can be incredibly fun for beginner skaters as well! In fact, particularly in the winter months (December thru February), children and adults from across the country strap on a pair of skates and go to the rink for some great times with family and friends. POLY Languages Institute is no different!

On December 21st, our English students will be enjoying the finest December chill that California has to offer at the Pasadena Ice-Skating Center located at 300 E. Green St in Pasadena CA, 91101. Students from Pasadena, Los Angeles, and Irvine alike will come together for a fun night filled with gliding, grooving, and some all-around good fun. The event will be from 7pm to 9pm with $11 for admission and $4 for skate rentals. Don’t forget to wear those warm clothes you thought you’d never need when you relocated to sunny California. Come learn some new cold weather vocabulary and meet students and staff from all of our wonderful locations. Bring your family too – kids, spouses, and friends are welcome to join in on the fun! Come watch the skills of one of our students from the Philippines, who was a professional ice-skater back in the day. Or you can watch some of the more inexperienced staff fall on their butts. Either way, it should be a great time for everyone! We look forward to seeing you there.


Thanksgiving Feast at Pasadena Center

Who loves Thanksgiving food? Poly Languages Institute at Pasadena does!

On November 15, 2018, we held our annual Thanksgiving potluck in the Student Lounge. Each one of our ESL class and TOEFL class students have unique backgrounds from various countries. Not only was this a gathering to celebrate an American holiday and enjoy food, but it was also an opportunity to learn from each other and try new types of food. There was food from China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, and many more.

Since our students are all adults, they have responsibilities outside of the classroom. Most students only show up to their classes and leave right after. There is not a lot of opportunity to socialize and get to know each other. This is why these potlucks and other planned events are so vital to our Poly community. We planned our Thanksgiving potluck between two classes; therefore, there was no excuse our ESL students to miss it.

Everyone had a blast (great time). Students were enjoying delicious food, conversing with other students in their class and with those in different English speaking levels. Even teachers and staff members had a great time having casual conversations with the students.

It was a time to be stress-free and focus on being grateful for things that we can easily take for granted. We are grateful for food, friends, family, and the opportunity to expand our knowledge. No matter how old we are, all of us here at Poly have a common goal: improving and refining our understanding of the English language.

We are looking forward to future events so that our students, teachers, and staff members get to know each other better and have a great time together.