Study English In The USA Basic Practices That You Need To Know

Study English In The USA: Basic Practices That You Need To Know

Below are some essential things that you need to know that are connected to American culture. These are basic practices that are part of the American culture that you must learn to develop when you plan to study English in the USA. Familiarizing these things will make your interaction more meaningful and can easily communicate with Americans:

A strong sense of gratitude

Americans express appreciation for almost everything. This is one of the essential values in the USA. The sending of famous “Thank you” cards has become a habit for Americans. These cards are sent to thank someone who hosted a party, a dinner or a special meal. Even war veterans are thanked when they return from Iraq, Africa, or wherever they came from.

Respect for the law

Americans have high respect for the law. They are being taught that it is crucial to comply with the rules to live in a harmonious society. With this, try to get to know the legal issues of the state to avoid inconvenience when you wish to study English in the USA. The national flag and symbols are respected, so make sure to keep silent and listen carefully when the national anthem is sung.

Religion is important

Religion is an essential matter in the US, and it is vital to familiarize yourself with religious holidays. Without belonging to any religious group, you can offer assistance to churches that has a feeding program for the poor. You don’t need to be affiliated with religion as long as you can help.

Learn to cook

An invitation to eat is a usual American custom. This is one way of interacting with co-workers, neighbors, etc. It is prevalent in the US to meet for dinner. So preparing a special recipe to surprise your guests is a fantastic way to impress them, but if you do not know how to fry an egg, then you can choose to buy a meal instead. Make sure to learn a recipe and adapt to the local cuisine.

Learn their greeting practices

Hugging and kissing are the most common ways to greet others. When you plan to study English in the USA, make sure to read more about how the locals are greeting each other. Hugs are used to congratulate for the birth of a child, for a graduation or anniversaries, etc. Make sure to inquire very well about that state where you are since it could vary from one place to another.

Know the appropriate visiting hours

Always respect or follow the hours to visit. It is inappropriate to visit a person without prior notice. Every student who wishes to study English in the USA must take time to familiarize this because it can be considered as a lack of respect unless it is an emergency. When you are decided to study English in the USA, you should familiarize yourself the acceptable hours to visit a friend or classmate.

Master the measurement system

You must learn about the measurement system because knowing how to express in inches, feet, yards, and miles, is part of everyday conversations. With this, you should take this issue seriously. Fahrenheit is used instead of Celsius when it comes to temperature. An excellent practice to help you familiarize them is to activate the thermometer in ºF in your car to be related to cold or hot temperatures.

Learn the way to write dates

Educate yourself on the correct way to write dates. In the American system, it is written in this order: Month, Day, and Year. The first three letters of the corresponding month are also accepted, for example, Sep, May, Aug, etc.