Learning English idioms is one of the best strategies to improve your fluency in the language. Learning idiomatic idioms is crucial to your success in understanding and interacting with native English speakers.

Here at Poly Languages, we’ll teach you four of the most practical idioms you’ll ever need—all of them together!

Sample Sentence:

My grandparents finally got married after being engaged for 30 years. They say better late than never, and I couldn’t agree more.

Better late than never means it’s preferable to do something, even if it’s delayed than to not do it at all. It implies that it’s better to complete a task or fulfill a responsibility, no matter how late it is than to not do it at all.

Here are some more sample sentences:

I know I’m behind on my assignments, but I’m going to turn them in tomorrow because, as they say, better late than never.

The company had a rough start, but it managed to turn things around and become successful. It’s true what they say—better late than never.

Sample sentence:

Let’s meet up at the coffee shop and chew the fat for a while.

Chew the fat means to have a casual conversation with someone about unimportant things. The term is often used to describe a friendly conversation or gossip session between friends, colleagues, or acquaintances.

Here are some more sample sentences:

Whenever my grandparents come over, they like to chew the fat with my mom about their childhood memories.

We were waiting in line for the movie to start, so we started chewing the fat about our favorite actors.

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