Term 01 ’23 (01/04/2023 ~ 01/31/2023)

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Academic English (Listening and Speaking)

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number*TextbookTeacher
LS101M-IMo-Th09:00AM~10:50 AMRoom_119Top Notch, Fundamentals(eBook wMEL)Canti Lui
LS101M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_116Top Notch, Fundamentals(eBook wMEL)Merry Balangyao
LS201M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_112NorthStar L/S 1 (eText wMEL)Kristine Nguyen
LS201M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_121NorthStar L/S 1 (eText wMEL)Giovanni Ayala-Martinez
LS301M-I Mo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_114NorthStar L/S 2 (eText wMEL)Rubi Hernandez
LS301M-L Mo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_111NorthStar L/S 2 (eText wMEL)Erich Homsher
LS401M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_101NorthStar L/S 3 (eText wMEL)Daniel Brenner
LS401M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_115NorthStar L/S 3 (eText wMEL)William Colaco
LS501M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_102NorthStar L/S 4 (eText wMEL)Colin Griffin
LS501M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_107NorthStar L/S 4 (eText wMEL)Jack Sahakyan
LS601M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_120NorthStar L/S 5 (eText wMEL)Ashika Raghavan
09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_106NorthStar L/S 5 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney

Academic English (Reading and Writing)

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number *TextbookTeacher
RW101M-I Mo-Th 11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_114 Password 1 (eText wEPR)Rubi Hernandez
RW101M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_116 Password 1 (eText wEPR)Merry Balangyao
RW201M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_102NorthStar R/W 1 (eText wMEL)Colin Griffin
RW201M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_111NorthStar R/W 1 (eText wMEL)Erich Homsher
RW301M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_112NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Kristine Nguyen
RW301M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_121NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Giovanni Ayala-Martinez
RW401M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_120NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Ashika Raghavan
RW401M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_106NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney
RW501M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_101NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)Daniel Brenner
RW501M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_115NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)William Colaco
RW601M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_119NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Canti Lui
RW601M-LMo-Th11:00 AM ~1:30
Room_107NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Jack Sahakyan
Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number *TextbookTeacher
RW201A-LMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_111NorthStar R/W 1 (eText wMEL)Erich Homsher
RW301AMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_116NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Merry Ann Balangyao
RW401A-IMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_112NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Kristine Nguyen
RW401A-LMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_117NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Mary Suarez
RW501A-IMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_114NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)Rubi Hernandez
RW501A-LMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_115NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)William Colaco
RW60A-IMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_119NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Canti Lui
5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_106NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney

Business English

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number*Required BookTeacher
BE501A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_105Market Leader Upper Int (ebook wMEL)Kimberly Gill
BE601A2Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_110Market Leader Advanced (ebook wMEL)Tonni Kyle Jamandron

General English

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number *TextbookTeacher
GE101A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_118Top Notch, Fundamentals(eBook wMEL)Aloha Sinangote
GE201AMo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_113Top Notch 1(eBook wMEL)Anne Austria
GE301A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_117 Top Notch 2(eBook wMEL)Mary Suarez
GE401A Mo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_116Top Notch 3(eBook wMEL)Merry Ann Balangyao
GE501A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_110Summit 1(eBook wMEL)Tonni kyle Jamandron
GE601A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_104Summit 2(eBook wMEL)Janne Pelayo
GE201A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_118Top Notch 1(eBook wMEL)Aloha Sinangote
GE301A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_116 Top Notch 2(eBook wMEL)Merry Ann Balangyao
GE401A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_108Top Notch 3(eBook wMEL)Kate Sarador
GE501A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_117Summit 1(eBook wMEL)Mary Suarez
GE601A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_103Summit 2(eBook wMEL)
Icel Martir

TOEFL Prep (Listening and Speaking)

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number *TextbookTeacher
TFLS701MMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_104TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Janne Pelayo
TFLS701AMo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_103TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Icel Martir

TOEFL Prep (Reading and Writing)

Course CodeDaysTimeRoom Number *TextbookTeacher
TFRW701MMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_104TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Janne Pelayo
TFRW701AMo-Th05:30 PM~08:00 PMRoom_104TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Janne Pelayo