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Refund Request Form

Refund Procedure

All refund requests must be submitted by completing this form. All refunds are made by check within 30-calendar days from the date of submission of this form. The student may pick up the check in person or request the delivery of the check by mail, in which case the applicable mailing fee will apply. POLY uses only a courier company that has a tracking system ensuring delivery.

The refund check will be made payable to the entity or to the person from which the funds originated. If a student is applying through an educational counselor/agency, the refund will be made payable to the agency, unless Poly Languages is instructed by the student’s agency to pay the student directly.

Personal Information

Please check all that apply. If you are an F-1 student, you must check the center you are currently registered to.

Please select the Refund Types

Please state accurate information on this form so that we may process your refund as soon as possible. If there are any inaccurate information, you must resubmit this form.
A student may request a refund only after the student has moved out. Additionally, the student must request refund within 30 days after the student has move out.
Please note that for the first two options, we use a courier company that offers a tracking system to ensure the secure delivery of your refund check.
State the name of the advisor who assisted you in completing this form.