Term 06 ’24 (06/03/2024 ~ 06/27/2024)

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  • Under exceptional situations, Make-up Tests can be scheduled for the 2nd or 3rd Friday of the term (June 14, 21), or one school day after the term has concluded (June 28). To start their exams, students are required to report to the Language Lab, either between 9 am – 12 pm or 6 pm – 9 pm.

Academic English (Listening and Speaking)

Class CodeDaysTimeZoom LinkTextbookTeacher
LS102M-IMo-Th09:00AM~10:50 AMRoom_119Top Notch, Fundamentals (eBook wMEL)Canti Lui
LS102M-LMo-Th09:00AM~10:50 AMRoom_117Top Notch, Fundamentals (eBook wMEL)Hector Amaya
LS202M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_104NorthStar L/S 1 (eText wMEL)Jenna Belhumeur
LS202M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_121NorthStar L/S 1 (eText wMEL)Natalie Serovy
LS302M-IMo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_112NorthStar L/S 2 (eText wMEL)Erik Dostal
LS302M-LMo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_122NorthStar L/S 2 (eText wMEL)Yuliia Krutko
LS402M-IMo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_109North Star L/S 3 (eText wMEL)Susan Massoudnia
LS402M-LMo-Th 09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_116North Star L/S 3 (eText wMEL)Cylyn Rallos
LS502M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_102NorthStar L/S 4 (eText wMEL)Colin Griffin
LS502M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_111NorthStar L/S 4 (eText wMEL)Carson Young
LS602M-IMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_101NorthStar L/S 5 (eText wMEL)Daniel Brenner
LS602M-LMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_106NorthStar L/S 5 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney

Academic English (Reading and Writing)

Class CodeDaysTimeZoom Link TextbookTeacher
RW102M-IMo-Th 11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_112 Password 1 (eText wEPR)Erik Dostal
RW102M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_121Password 1 (eText wEPR)Natalie Serovy
RW202M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_119NorthStar R/W 1 (eText wMEL)Canti Lui
RW202M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_122NorthStar R/W 1 (eText wMEL)Yuliia Krutko
RW302M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_109NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Susan Massoudnia
RW302M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_117NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Hector Amaya
RW402M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_102NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Colin Griffin
RW402M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_116NorthStar R/W 3 (eText wMEL)Melinda Bacwo
RW502M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_101NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)Daniel Brenner
RW502M-LMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_106NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney
RW602M-IMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_104NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Jenna Belhumeur
RW602M-LMo-Th11:00 AM-1:30PMRoom_111NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Carson Young
Class CodeDaysTimeZoom Link TextbookTeacher
RW302AMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_113NorthStar R/W 2 (eText wMEL)Gilla Turiaga
RW502AMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_122NorthStar R/W 4 (eText wMEL)Yuliia Krutko
RW602A-IMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMTBANorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)TBA
RW602A-LMo-Th5:30 PM~8:00 PMRoom_106NorthStar R/W 5 (eText wMEL)Sean Mahoney

General English

Class CodeDaysTimeZoom LinkTextbookTeacher
GE102AMo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMTBATop Notch Fundamentals
(eBook w/MEL
GE202AMo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMTBATop Notch 1(eBook wMEL)TBA
GE302A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_120 Top Notch 2(eBook wMEL)Justine Martir
GE402A Mo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_114Top Notch 3(eBook wMEL)Vanessa Sinco
GE502AMo-Th02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_113Summit 1(eBook wMEL)Gilla Turiaga
GE602A Mo-Th 02:30 PM~04:20 PMRoom_118Summit 2(eBook wMEL)Mary Suarez
GE102A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMTBATop Notch, Fundamentals (eBook wMEL)TBA
GE202A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMTBATop Notch 1(eBook wMEL)TBA
GE302A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_120 Top Notch 2(eBook wMEL)Justine Martir
GE402A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_124Top Notch 3(eBook wMEL)Aia Celindro
GE502A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_114Summit 1(eBook wMEL)Vanessa Sinco
GE602A2 Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_118Summit 2(eBook wMEL)Mary Suarez
GE602M2Mo-Th08:10 PM~10:00 PMRoom_113Summit 2(eBook wMEL)Gilla Turiaga

TOEFL Prep (Listening and Speaking)

Class CodeDaysTimeZoom LinkTextbookTeacher
TFLS702MLMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMTBATOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)TBA
TFLS702MIMo-Th09:00 AM~10:50 AMRoom_115TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Mac Ghellai

TOEFL Prep (Reading and Writing)

Class CodeDaysTimeZoom LinkTextbookTeacher
TFRW702MLMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMTBATOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)TBA
TFRW702MIMo-Th11:00 AM~1:30 PMRoom_115TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Mac Ghellai
TFRW702AMo-Th05:30 PM~08:00 PMRoom_117TOEFL iBT (ebook wMEL)Hector Amaya