MyPOLY is a web-based information system personalized for POLY students for their convenience.  By logging on to MyPOLY, at anytime, with a click of the mouse, the student may access his/her current and previous schedules, grades, payment history, services requested, take final exams, and much more.  The student no longer needs to be at the school and wait in line - or make a phone call for such information.

In order to use this system, the student must have been accepted to the school, have a valid e-mail address and its corresponding password.  Upon acceptance to our school, the password is sent to the student's e-mail account as stated in the application form.  Depending on the student's e-mail server, our school e-mails may be treated as a spam/junk mail; checking spam/junk mail box for password is advised.

Specifically, the menus together with its descriptions are listed below.

Menu Description
My Profile
The student may review his/her personal information for accuracy such as the student's name, date of birth, e-mail address, the home address, telephone number, etc.
Visa Information
The applicable information for Non-immigrant F-1 student can be viewed.
The student can view the arranged housing and flight information of the requested Accommodation Arrangement and/or Airport Transfer services respectively.
Schedule / Payment
The list of current and previous schedule - and the student's payment history can be viewed.
Placement Test
The student can take the English Proficiency Assessment Test which is required by all new students for his/her proper placement.
Final Exam
The student can take the final test for each course that requires final exam.
Student Evaluation
The student can conduct the Student Evaluation at the end of each session evaluating teachers and the admin staff.
The letter of acknowledgement can be viewed. The letter indicates that the student has received the school literatures, and agrees to the school terms, policies, and procedures.
File Complaint
The student can file a formal complaint and expect a written resolution it.